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French Furniture Manufacturer

We provide wide range of french furniture, baroque furniture, Antique Reproduction Furniture, classic loose furniture and also teak furniture

custom design furniture maker

Are you looking for quality furniture at an affordable price ?

Are you looking for custom design furniture for your interior project ?

We custom made wood furniture for those who wants particular furniture pieces made according to photos, sketches, or modifications of existing furniture.

Jepara Living is a leading french furniture manufacturer in Indonesia serving furniture for home, interior designer, furniture retailer, and furniture wholesaler. We understand the importance of our services to our customers and our dedicated team will help you advise you to buy the best french furniture for your needs.

Our furniture comprise french furniture, classic modern furniture, modern baroque furniture, antique reproduction furniture, classic loose furniture, furniture accessories, and teak furniture.

We use kiln dried wood
Various finishing options are available
We accept custom design / custom made furniture
We work with skilled and experienced craftsmen
Fire Retardant Foam are available

Who We Are ?

Jepara Living Furniture is fast growing furniture supplier and manufacturer set in the Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia in the heart of Indonesian Furniture Industry. 70% of our furniture is handcrafted in our factory and 30% is outsourced to small furniture supplier in Jepara with good quality control to keep the quality.  Founded in 2010 and operated under Indonesian young and creative generations and employs more than 50 crafsmen and carpenters. Jepara Living’s team consist of skilled and well trained people that make sure all of the product will ship is within our high manufacturing standard. We has access to the best materials of mahogany wood, teak wood, and other hard wood to produce high quality mahogany furniture, french furniture, classic modern furniture, italian classic furniture, and antique reproduction furniture.

We offer a wide range of furniture products made of mahogany wood, teak wood, and other hardwood. Our collections are including classic modern furniture, french furniture, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture, italian style furniture, and other modern furniture made of wood and iron.

Our product is handmade from solid mahogany wood and MDF depend on customer request. Due to handcrafted process of the furniture, each pieces likely to differ slightly in measurement, color and finished.

The finishing process is one of an important stage of our process, after all furniture are well sanded, we use Nitro Cellulose Polishing Lacquer to finish the furniture. The Nitro Cellulose Polishing Lacquer is Very Hard and Durable, High-Gloss Transparent Coating, Quick-Drying, Does not Wrinkle, Can be applied wet-on-wet to well prepared wooden surfaces. And the final touch is top coat using Clear Gloss, Clear Stain and Clear Matt, depend on your request. Sometimes, our customer also request to use Polyurethane only for the top of the table.

Some of the product will also come in natural fine sanded only when the customer want to show the real character of the wood clearly or will apply to the furniture for outdoor purpose

Because there are extensive selection of wood furniture and many customization variables such as solid wood types, finishing color, protective coating, upholstery, hardware, and features, it is very difficult to provide an exact price-list of our furniture.

For your convenience to obtain our wood furniture products prices, we provide an online quotation request system. Similar to “shopping cart”, please browse our furniture by category to choose any wood furniture pieces that you would like us to quote you.

As soon as we receive the information from the online inquiry system, we will review the details and get back to you within two working days.




Baroque furniture characteristics include small detail to create the final massive piece. Some of the furniture of this period contained cherubs which are lavishly and articulately depicted in much of the Gothic and Baroque decor interwoven into richly detailed corbels and brackets as well as making up much of the decorative aspects of a warm fireplace or adding a decorative accent for a furniture or sofa seat



Mahogany furniture is a largely English furniture institution. Much of the antique furniture originating in the 18th Century was made of mahogany wood. Mahogany antique reproduction furniture is beautiful as a result of its carved patterns and rich colouring. It can add character to any room and should be the focal point if it is purchased for your home.

Mahogany antique reproduction furniture is very popular and can be used to great effect, regardless of whether you choose to purchase one piece or a whole house full.

Antique reproduction armoire
Antique Reproduction Bed
Antique Reproduction Dressing Table
Antique Reproduction Nightstand
Antique Reproduction Dining Chair
Antique Reproduction Chaise
Antique Reproduction Office Chair
Antique Reproduction Desk