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Antique Reproduction Furniture

Antique reproduction furniture is furniture that has been designed to look exactly like real antiques but at a lower price point. Some designs that you’ll find in antique reproduction furniture include Victorian era furniture, Georgian era, classic provincial furniture, and French provincial furniture, but many more styles are made. Antique reproduction furniture is handmade from real solid mahogany wood.

As an Indonesian Furniture Manufacturer, We concentrate our business in furniture production. Our objective is to supply our customers with a source of high end quality handcrafted classic furniture, antique reproduction furniture, french furniture, rustic and antique furniture, rattan and water hyacinth for indoor furnishings using Mahogany wood, teak wood, and rattan.

We enhance our service to provide our customer custom built furniture order with free Estimation quote, Easy Buying Experience for existing collections. We take pride in building our furniture with the quality you expect. We will customize and build whatever you wish to have made. We keep the quality high while trying our hardest to keep the price low.

Jepara Living experienced in reproducing antique furniture, french style furniture, rustic and antique furniture, baroque furniture, rattan and water hyacinth, custom built pieces for exterior and interior spaces of numerous resorts, hotels, restaurants/cafes, and many fine homes and gardens. We have succeeded in convincing international market through our various good quality furniture. Until today, we have exported our products to Malaysia, Singapore, European countries, America, and New Zealand.

The reliance of our customers is achieved through a combination of high skilled employees and the application of modern technology. The human resource in our company are those who are not only expert in their respective fields, but also self-motivated and creative. They are the people who can handle the modern devices and machineries. This is to say that they are not merely being put in the operation, but also capable of maintaining and developing methods for better and optimal results. We have always emphasized this, as our human resource management appreciates employees who are able to develop themselves.

During the first 3 years we have almost exclusively produced our furniture for our Customer from USA , while recently the demand from other sides was growing, and we have started to export to other customers in different countries all over the world. For some of them we produce items specially designed for them or by them, while others order furniture out of our collections.