Baroque Furniture Manufacturer

As a modern baroque furniture manufacturer, Jepara Living Furniture provides classic modern baroque furniture. An elegant and unique furniture with baroque style, is the combination of past and present.
Baroque period at the moment often known as the lush splendor developed during the Renaissance love of perfect form and proportion, as well as the unity, clearly articulating art. Baroque furniture characteristics include small detail to create the final massive piece. Some of the furniture of this period contained cherubs which are lavishly and articulately depicted in much of the Gothic and Baroque decor interwoven into richly detailed corbels and brackets as well as making up much of the decorative aspects of a warm fireplace or adding a decorative accent for a furniture or sofa seat

All strict orders of the Renaissance are resolved, swinging, concave and convex shapes, domes, columns, and carvings with rich ornamental decoration evoke in the viewer the impression of force and motion and produce an increase of all effects.

Jepara Living Furniture provide a wide selection of Baroque furniture comprises modern baroque sofa, modern baroque bed, modern baroque chest, modern baroque coffee table, and other furniture with modern baroque style.

Good baroque furniture is very well made, mostly handcrafted by a experienced craftsmen. You obtain chairs, benches, tables and a wide range of other furniture from the classic baroque period to modern baroque furniture.