How To Request For Quote ?

For your convenience to obtain our wholesale price of our wood furniture products, we provide an online quotation request system. Similar to “shopping cart”, please browse our furniture by category to choose any wood furniture pieces that you would like us to quote you. After you choose all of your interested items, please follow the instruction. We will send you the price quotation as soon as we received your quotation request.

Please note that our minimum order is 20ft container of mixed items to get the wholesale price.

Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer

“We are Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer of  Mahogany Furniture and French Furniture”

We are an Indonesia Furniture manufacturer and  mahogany furniture and french furniture.We have always been able to provide the best raw material for our production including solid teak, solid mahogany, mindi wood, and also other tropical wood. Our mahogany Furniture are carved by skilled craftsmen who pride in producing finest quality of Indonesian Furniture. We have extensive collection of mahogany furniture and indoor teak furniture including French Furniture, Shabby Chic, Painted Furniture, modern baroque furniture, and classic modern furniture

As an Indonesia furniture manufacturer, we working with more than 100 carpenters in Jepara, Central Java, INDONESIA, we produce high quality of teak furniture, recycled teak furniture, mahogany furniture, antique reproduction, modern and contemporary furniture. We developed a great deal of experience in ‘Supply Chain Management’ for handcrafted products. The procedures involved in ‘Supply Chain Management’ include careful monitoring of ‘Quality’ as well as ‘On time delivery’ managed across the associated human resources.

We expand our capabilities with production scheduling system and on time delivery service. We limit the production capacity up to 4 containers per month, so that the production process that has been scheduled running well and in order to maintain the quality of our products.

As an Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer, we have been committed to producing solid mahogany wood furniture and teak wood furniture at affordable prices in a wide variety of styles and custom built products. Established in 2010 base on the Jepara woodworking home industries network, we have been supplying handmade  antique reproduction furniture, Mahogany Furniture, French Furniture, home decoration and other Indonesian furniture to local customer (Indonesian customer), Malaysia, and other countries.

The benefit of buying mix items, and avoid the inflexible minimum quantity order as commonly applied by furniture manufacturer, while the price is still affordable and marketable.
We hope you enjoy your visit to our web site and wish you much success with all of your furnishing and decorating projects. We certainly will respond to all of our customers needs in order to maintain a good relationship in the future.

For customer from Indonesia, you can also visit our mahogany furniture website.

We are producing our furniture in Jepara, in the heart of the Indonesian Woodcraft, a place where this craft has a long tradition and all our pieces are produced either in Jepara’s home industry or in our own factory.

Indonesia Furniture

We always strive to have the best construction and the best quality with all of our products. It is very important to us that we use only kiln-dried wood for our furniture, minimizing the risk of cracking and warping. In addition to this, after the furniture has been assembled the pieces spend additional time in an oven to remove any moisture that may have re-entered the wood during the machining and assembly process. Once out of the oven, the furniture is inspected and then the extensive finishing process is begun preventing unwanted moisture from re-entering the wood.

You will also find information about where to buy our products and about the Terms and Conditions as well as who we are on this website or by coming to our warehouse in Jepara, Central Java Indonesia.

As a french furniture manufacturer we are willing to work closely with our customers (eq.Interior Designer, Architect, Retail Store, Restaurant & Hotel furnishing projects) to develop their furnishing ideas. This Custom Made Furniture is a service to manufacturing products based on customers design and specifications, photos, sketches, pictures and other information. If you want to use this service feel free to send us the sketches, photos, pictures or other information of your designs. Our Furniture Designer will assist you to develop new beautiful product.
We have extensive selection of french furniture, antique reproduction furniture, modern contemporary furniture, teak furniture and outdoor furniture in different finishing color and various fabrics selection.
We strive to go beyond the conventional in all aspects of our business. The same attention to detail we lavish on our products is reflected in the personal relationships we form with our customers. If you are a/an Furniture retailer / reseller / shop, hotel / restaurant furnishing, interior designer that interesting in building a mutual benefit business relation with us, we welcome you to visit our office.
To keep the customer satisfaction, we limit the production capacity of only 2 – 4 containers per month, so that the production process that has been scheduled running well and in order to maintain the quality of our products.